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Friday, December 12, 2008
Away in a manager

I frequently find myself typing the wrong word; most of the time, it involves a transposition of letters or the omission of one. I am beginning to wonder if this example of human frailty is catching.

Given the state of the country's finances, I thought I would consider offering my services to help get Airstrip One out of its current hole. Never having worked in my life, and feeling that simply the addition of my name to someone's letter-heading might well bring about a total reversal of fortune, I therefore determined to find out something about the world of work. Where better to start, I thought, than to look at some job advertisements and see what workers have to do these days. Accordingly, I found myself wondering about the nature of a few jobs to be found in the pages of the highly literate, glitch-free Grauniad.

Being from the leadership class, I eschewed anything that smacked of servility, serfdom or service. (I find Acts of Service totally beneath me.) There were no vacant positions for 'millionaires', or even 'retired millionaires' so I was more or less forced to look for managerial positions.

Here are three examples
The first one is for an Account Manger - Corporate PR. Here's the link

The next one's for a Project Engineer, Manger and Scheme Project Mangers. Here's the link

And yet another. This time for a Design Project Manger. Here's the link
The list goes on and on. I know it's getting near to Christmas, Myfanwy, but you can have too many mangers, you know.

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