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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Judge abuses power and punters...

I have often felt that courts deal unfairly with your average punter. Take this, for example:
A US judge has been removed from the bench after jailing 46 people when a mobile phone began ringing during his court session and no one would own up.

The entire courtroom was sent to the cells during a domestic violence hearing when the judge, Robert Restaino, 48, "snapped" and - according to a review of his actions - "engaged in what can only be described as two hours of inexplicable madness"
You can read the full story here. There is, as far as I know, a statutory offence of Contempt of Court within most legal systems. It's about time 'Contempt of the Punter' was instituted, too.

Another brilliant idea for the Manifesto…

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