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Monday, August 27, 2007
A paean to god(s)

Further to my last piece, I was asked recently why I don’t believe in god/allah/yahweh. My very brief answer went as follows:

• God is grot (1) merdeiful (2): clearly man-made and a vicious bastard to boot.
• There is no evidence that such a being can exist/has ever existed.
• I do not accept things without reasonable explanations.
• ‘Faith’ is not a virtue; it is gullibility.
• The ‘first cause’ argument always leads to the question ‘Who made god?’
• Two thousand year old texts are inevitably suspect.
• Human knowledge, underpinned by science, has pushed back the ‘unknown’ frontiers.
• Theistic explanations, e.g. of our Solar System and the Universe, are wrong.
• The supporting evidence for Darwinian evolution explains our existence, elegantly.
• The concept of an afterlife is absurd.
• There is no heaven; there is no hell. There is only an inevitable death.
• We derive moral rules without sticks and carrots from imaginary sources.
• Finding the idea of god ‘comforting’ does not make it true.

This is a very short summary of my reasons for finding belief in god/allah/yahweh ridiculous. The more I look at the issue, the more convinced I become. And I haven’t even started on the organised religions yet…

(1) From British slang ‘grotty’: 1. unpleasant, nasty, or unattractive; 2. of poor quality or in bad condition, unsatisfactory, or useless. [Not bad, eh?]

(2) From the French ‘merde’: shit. [Even better!]


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