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Thursday, August 01, 2002
I'm sorry, I haven't a clue

Hm...don't know what to do now. I'll ask Mrs Trellis, my one guaranteed reader, and then do some posting.

Making History

Well, this is a very historic moment. Does anyone remember the scene in A Very British Coup where Harry Perkins dictates his resignation speech to his press secretary? (No, I thought not.) The speech is posted to an autocue but, of course, Harry's speech has very little to do with what's in front of him. The same for me, really: some of my musings won't have much to do with (your) reality. But if you think of this as just a long-distance test blog, your blood pressure won't suffer.

Warchalking and Coco Chanel

There I was, with The Lady, walking the walk and talking the listen when I pointed out this chalk mark with two Cs, back-to-back. 'I can't see any Chanel', she said.

Who said women can't make jokes?

A plea from a word lover

I was pleased (I think) to see that, with Alan Duncan's emergence from the cupboard, the Conservative Party is unlikely to make a serious issue of lifestyles. Now that there are established academic courses in Queer Studies, please may the rest of us have our delightful word 'gay' back again?

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