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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Blogging as a (male) ego trip

A friend of mine (female) asked me the other day if publishing a weblog was something of a male activity, nothing but an ego trip. Well, of course I had to think about that. I concluded that it was not: there's not much of a boost to be had from writing notes solely for Mrs Trellis, is there?

There are two components to the activity. firstly, there are the joys and frustrations of getting to grips with the intricacies of HTML, XML or whatever, designing your own site. Secondly, there's the problem of what to write about. Having finished the first, one can trawl other sites, the standard news media, or even one's own prejudices to help produce something of interest. It helps us to be better informed, to improve our writing skills, and to make contact with others, however tenuous. Most ego trip activities tend to involve less effort. The rewards of blogging are, except in exceptional circumstances, eg InstaPundit, very poor. As for the Guardian's competition, with its prize of £1000 (that's about 1500 US dollars or Euros), that wouldn't keep me in batteries for my electric swizzle stick for more than a month.

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