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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Having been so carefully nurtured by Poet and Peasant, I thought that I would register with Blogtree (first seen on Quantum Tea and Pop-up Toaster) and confirm my lineage. My Blogfather is, of course, this BlogComp, of which more anon. Is it all right, I wonder, for blogchildren to register their blogparents? What about Blogbastardy? Even more seriously, how would Sigmund Freud (or should that be ‘Fraud’?) have described the affliction of BlogOedipy (the manifestation of the BlogOedipus Complex). What should be its treatment?

There must be very many partnerships where Oedipus was powerfully at work. There’ll be lots of ‘BlogFather-fixation’ too, I shouldn’t wonder. Where’s the BlogShrink, somebody?

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