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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
That darned Quran/Koran – whatever

I have been much exercised by the Newsweek story, emanating from Guantanamo Bay, first published then denied. Principally, I am concerned by sets of values revealed by reactions to this series of events. Here’s the latest:
The White House says the image of the United States suffered irreparable damage from a Newsweek article alleging that American interrogators of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay desecrated the Muslim holy book.
Here's the AP ticker link to the story at 9.30 this morning.

In the first place, no-one in their right mind would throw a complete book down the loo without shredding it first. I must say that I am sometimes tempted to shred my own, personal copy of a certain holy work because it says things like: ‘Men are superior to women..’ and ‘...scourge women...’ (and that's only part of the viciousness of Sura 4). However, I resist the temptation because, if I keep it to hand, I can always ridicule Islamic rules like ‘No alcohol’, when what the Koran actually says is ‘...come not to prayers when ye are drunken...’ Nothing about forbidding alcohol there, then.

Even more significant are the relative reactions to tossing paper down the loo and keeping prisoners in legal limbo, without trial, in a state of semi-permanent torture for years. It just shows how religious nuts get their priorities wrong. If the dozy load of camel-shaggers want to riot/protest about something, how about the human rights abuses involved in the long-term imprisonment of hundreds at Guantanamo Bay?

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