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Monday, May 02, 2005
Farewell Karol Wojtyla

Looking back through my blogs about this holy gentleman, I can see that I have done him far less than justice. I have clearly not trumpeted his positive achievements sufficiently. Let me now make amends.

I think I once managed to dispute his holiness's greatness when some genius acclaimed him as the greatest Pole ever. Silly me to have demurred; who, after all, were Copernicus, Chopin, and Marie Curie? Pygmies all, by comparison. So let’s list some of Karol’s more notable achievements, shall we?
1. Subscribing to the doctrine that condoms cause AIDS.
2. Packing the cardinals with people (oops, I mean ‘men’) of like mind, to ensure a similar succession and
3. Virtually erasing all mention of Archbishop Romero from Vatican literature, following that liberation theologist’s assassination by right wing death squads in El Salvador.
There, don’t you think that such achievements should be noised abroad and celebrated?

As luck would have it, I found myself in an Irish pub in London when the news of his successor was flashed up on the television screen. Just previously, one of the throng had said ‘Anyone but Ratzinger!’ You should have heard the groans when the name went up.

So, you see, one of the belovèd Karol’s far-sighted ideas has already borne fruit. How democratic is it, though, to pack an electorate with placemen? Beatify him immediately, before I look too carefully.

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