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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Those pledges

Yesterday, I listed some of the pledges that didn’t make it on to Tony Bliar’s pledge list. Now, we have the real thing and I think a brief comment on each may be useful.
1. Your family better off
Most of my family is dead. They’re probably better off that way.
2. Your family treated better and faster
They’ll have to do rather a lot of disinterring to achieve that one.
3. Your child achieving more
My child’s in Australia. So Bliar’s influence reaches Down Under, does it? I thought that one of the Howard twins held sway there.
4. Your country's borders protected
I thought that the North Sea, the English Channel, and Hadrian’s Wall were doing quite a good job already.
5. Your community safer
So New Labour is going to put a lot more lethality into my home’s defences is it?
6. Your children with the best start
Don’t understand this one. Does this mean I get his transportation paid for? Or is Bliar going to give him yet more ‘help’, to stay away?
There is a saying ‘Make sure brain is in gear before opening mouth’. This list is a good example of ignoring the principle. Still, if you’re appealing to the vicious tendencies of Mail/Sun readers, perhaps it all makes sense, somehow.

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