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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
More things to do (loosely) with Wagner

A few days ago (on 14 December, to be precise), I referred to an important article in The Guardian last year. It was called Fifty Things you need to know about The Ring. Number seventeen of the fifty entries has been causing me trouble. Here it is:
17 Motifs (aka mottos or leitmotifs) are the musical building blocks of the Ring - passages of music, often very brief, that are associated with particular characters, objects or ideas. One assiduous critic has identified 191 motifs, but the main ones signify the ring, the Rhine, gold, the curse (of the ring), Siegfried, Brünnhilde and the Valkyries (the famous bit used for the helicopter attack in Apocalypse Now and now a favourite mobile ring tone).
Dear Mr Moss, There is no such thing as 'A favourite Ring Tone'. Please do us a favour and acknowledge that, with one exception, all mobile ring tones are so evil that they should be treated as notifiable diseases of the person. The exception is John Cage's 4' 33". All mobile phones should be set to 'Vibrate Alert', and used accordingly. Ringing mobiles should immediately be crushed. It'll be in my next manifesto... For all sorts of reasons, I can't wait for Airstrip One's next election.

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