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Monday, October 25, 2004
The Whelk Stall

Coincidentally, today is the anniversary of The charge of the Light Brigade, one of the most spectacularly idiotic pieces of incompetence in military history. The generals running it were so awful that the figures of speech for incompetence do not really do the massacre justice. ‘They couldn’t run a whelk stall’ or ‘They couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery’, or even my own ‘They couldn’t run a screw-in in a knocking shop’ are woefully inadequate.

The latest news from Iraq (read it here) leaves us searching for yet more powerful expressions. The amount of explosive that has gone missing serves to accentuate the monumental inefficiency of the current US administration. You may actually believe, like Bliar, that going to war in Iraq was a good thing. However, whatever your opinion, you cannot escape the conclusion that the whole period since April last year has been a disaster, displaying spectacular levels of incompetence.

The disbanding of civilian police, the early looting, the perpetual violence, the sabotage, the lack of sufficient ground troops to ensure security, the disappearance of whole factories with nuclear potential, sending out new recruits to the new Iraqi army without protection... the list is endless.

If one is going to do something, one has to do it properly; if force is involved and there are civilians nearby, one does not use missiles and gunships to subdue an area. Can you imagine what the Americans would have said had the British run Northern Ireland the way the US Hebrew Gog's lot have been running Iraq?

Therefore, it isn’t about the objectionable policies (e.g. bollocks to publicly funded embryonic stem-cell research), or the lies (e.g. Sadam Hussein had proven links to Al Qaeda, when the 9-11 Commission and the ISG Reports both said there was no such evidence); the issue is one of competence. This administration is arguably the most incompetent ever to hold power and does not deserve to be re-elected.

To those of my reader (sic) about to vote in the forthcoming US election, I can only ask her to consider the Bush administration’s record of incompetence, particularly since the invasion of Iraq. Kick the idiots out.

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