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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
The new Conservative logo

Jonathan Glancey has an interesting article in The Grauniad dated 4th October about the ‘etymology’ of the new Conservative symbol. He explains that ‘...this curious device conjures unfortunate images of political thuggery’. And I like the thought that it has
...more than a touch of old-school Soviet kitsch about it, ...with a high-kick of Springtime for Hitler camp added for good measure’.
Read the article in full, and see what we both mean here.

Glancey's analysis misses a trick or two. There’s a lot more to be read into it: the arm appears to be emerging not from a sleeve but from a tube. Whether it is slowly being sucked downwards - going down the tubes - or reaching out from the underworld (Aitken, Archer, Hamilton...) is for the punter to decide. What do you think, Mrs T?

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