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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Exploiting Christopher Reeve

There I was, surfin’ away when I came across a report of what several US right wing web sites were discussing. I was about to read some of the verbatim discussions when I was sidetracked by the following transcript (sorry – no link) of a very important conversation, recorded about two weeks ago. Here it is, without comment:
KERRY: Hello Chris, it’s good to see you. How are you today? Have you got any news?
REEVE: Oh, it’s not going so badly. I’ve got it all worked out; you know: the timetable and everything...
KERRY: That’s good. It’s very important that things happen in the right order. It would be terrible if you were to snuff it before the presidential debates start. The Republican rottweilers are bound to claim that I am exploiting your death if I talk about you after you’re dead. It’s a great idea to do it before you’re dead.
REEVE: Yes, that’s right John. What I’m going to do is hang on until after the second debate. That’ll mean that you can make your plea for funding for embryonic stem cell research. You’ll be able to talk about the Reagans again, and me of course.
KERRY: Yeah man; that’ll be swell.`
REEVE: OK; what I’m going to do is drop dead from something – I haven’t quite worked it out, yet – but leave it to me. It’ll be after the second and before the third debate. Will that do? It’ll probably be on the tenth or eleventh. How’s that?
KERRY: Absolutely perfect. Make sure you don’t tell anybody. These Republicans have the ability to sniff out and nail the truth, let alone the smallest lie. If it gets out, your honorable gesture will all be in vain and may be counterproductive.
REEVE: Yes, sure... This is goodbye, man.
KERRY: Yes, thank you. Yours is a magnificent – the greatest possible – gesture. Farewell...

Indistinct: This tape will self-destruct in five seconds...
Except that it didn’t.

I therefore offer it up as an example of the lengths to which the lyin’, cheatin’ left bank, tax & tax & tax, Democrat campaign will go.

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