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Sunday, October 10, 2004
The Bush Bulge

A number of sites (e.g. – and now newspapers - are reporting that the US Hebrew Gog (anag.) had a suspicious bulge under the back of his jacket during the first televised debate. Although the broadcast ‘rules’ of the debate forbad the broadcast of camera shots from behind the Gog and Kerry, we should be grateful that some enterprising producer ploughed his own furrow.

Speculation about this bulge is rife. However, whatever it is/was, it didn’t stop Kerry trouncing the Gog in the first debate. My thoughts on the matter go back to a fictional work by Robert Heinlein.

In his 1951 book The Puppet Masters, Heinlein tells the story of a group of aliens who want to take over the World. They do this by putting controlling, slug-like object on the backs of their victims. The slugs send ‘wires’ into the spinal cords of the host, rendering them controllable.

Could it be that the aliens are, in fact, The Project for a New American Century? You know: the totally sane, rational, and extraordinarily personable group that includes Perle, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld.

I think we should be told.

J., just checking in. Coincidently we're off to a Japanese restaurant tonight (a different one) with a blogger and his missus. Almost from as far away as you - Perth.

You may have noticed, the forces of darkness retain sway Downunder. C'est (don't mention) la guerre!

Doing your antipodean peregrinations again this year? (You may have mentioned that, but as time is pressing I've only read the top post.)


Ignore link to me in the comment above - Sod's Law.

This is now it.
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