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Sunday, October 17, 2004
A bargain I can’t refuse

I don’t usually pay any attention to spam: I just page through the list of messages, deleting them without a second thought or even, generally, a first glance. However, the wording of an advertisement for this seminal work:
Kerry's Lies Debunked: New Book Shows Bush Has Made U.S. Safer, More Prosperous Retail Price: $24.99; Your Price: $14.99
had me reaching for my credit card details. The blurb got juicier as I went on:
John Kerry is reportedly furious over the publication of a high profile new book praising the leadership of his opponent, George W. Bush.

Hailed as "THE must-read book of the season on the pro-Bush side" in US News & World Report, Thank You, President Bush brings together an unprecedented collection of luminaries to make the convincing case that Kerry is wrong—President Bush's policies have increased the security and well-being of America's families.
I could hardly contain my excitement. ‘Put me down for fifty copies,’ I was thinking. But there was better to come:
With a moving introduction by Gov. Jeb Bush, this timely book features chapters by notables such as Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft...
Oh stop; stop! It’s too much; my minds made up. Don’t push at an open door. But then there’s
How the liberation of Iraq was a critical victory in the War on Terror [sic] How Bush's tax cuts have revived the economy [sic] How the Patriot Act is keeping Americans safe

Make it 100 copies, please, please.

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