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Friday, September 24, 2004
Why we should all vote for George W. Bush

The US Hebrew Gog (anag.) has the gift of prophecy. There can be no doubt, therefore, as to his suitability as president. His ability, and that of his henchmen, to forecast what would happen with such uncanny accuracy is remarkable. “There’ll be dancing in the streets of Baghdad when we invade Iraq,” said one of his lieutenants. And so there is: every time a US vehicle is disabled and set on fire, a large crowd gathers and they dance gleefully round it. Amazing.

Then, there's the terrorist menace. Do you remember when the Gog described Iraq under Saddam as presenting an immediate and deadly threat? Tony Bliar echoed this, particularly in his speech to Parliament. These two clairvoyants ought to be better known for their remarkable predictions. There is now a greater threat to the World from terrorism than before the war. And they foresaw this: they fought to overcome this problem before it happened. Wow! Cynics might say that, by invading Iraq, the Gog and Bliar increased the threat but I prefer to believe that the thousands of deaths of Iraqi citizens and coalition troops, the rampant lawlessness, and the terrorist atrocities would all have happened without the war. Moreover, they’d have been even worse: Iraq would not be the relatively stable, free, democratic place it is today without the Gog’s intervention. Go on: vote for him again.

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