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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
The best joke of the day

Yesterday, two men, one dressed as Batman, the other as Robin, ‘stormed' Buckingham Palace. ‘Robin’ was quickly arrested. After spending some time on a ledge beside the front balcony, 'Batman' too was hauled off to the local Camp X-ray. The whole incident was universally reported and you will forgive me if I do not provide a link to it. Alas, nor can I provide a satisfactory link to what turned out to be the most interesting and funniest event of the day: part of David Blunkett’s consequent statement to the Commons. Here is how the BBC reported it:
Mr Blunkett was jeered in the Commons as he said how the Royal Family "had always wanted the Palace to remain accessible to the people of the UK" and not "become a fortress".
Here’s a link to the whole article. I had earlier heard the broadcast of this exciting stuff and it hasn’t yet been reported in Hansard. My recollection is that this part of Blunkett’s speech was greeted with laughter, not by jeers. I expect Hansard to report it something like this:
David Blunkett...Our Royal Family has always wanted the Palace to remain accessible to the people of the UK. [Laughter]. We can always increase security at Buck House and turn it into a fortress but this is not what these charming and worthy people want. [Tugs forelock].
I may have been a bit carried away there. However, I don’t think the real problem has been properly addressed; we can reduce the pressure on Buck House as a target for demonstrators by removing its traditional occupants to somewhere else where, in accordance with their wishes, they would be more accessible to the people of the UK. My immediate thought was Wormwood Scrubs but, I think, access might be a trifle limited. Now that ‘Comments’ are enabled on Josh’s site, Mrs Trellis, may I have your suggestions? Remember that the Royles must be both secure and available. My second thought - a bit more apposite - was London Zoo. Does that give you any more ideas?

Mrs T., disreetly, suggests Madam Tussauds. Well done Myfanwy!

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