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Monday, August 30, 2004
A bull’s-eye for ‘The Church’

Today, the Grauniad carries a magnificent example of the beneficent influence of the mother of all churches:
The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics yesterday signalled the start of a massive campaign against the Scottish executive over sex education, accusing ministers of favouring programmes that are akin to "state-sponsored sexual abuse" of children.
Read more here. Of course, glossing over the Catholic Church’s little difficulties with child abuse itself, we have to see this campaign as a major contribution to the human development debate.
"I have a great respect for Cardinal O'Brien," said [Jack] McConnell, [Scotland’s First Minister]
very much on the defensive. Josh has even more respect for the Cardinal than Mr McConnell; who can fail to have extraordinary admiration for a man who has such a deep understanding of the nature of the World, let alone human behaviour? What extraordinary courage it takes to believe in things for which there is not the slightest objective and verifiable evidence.

I refer, of course, to things like miracles, divine intervention, transubstantiation, and life after death. How brave of Cardinal O’Brien to believe in such things and to promulgate them. And when it comes to understanding human sexuality, how important it is to belong to a group supposed to have no practical, personal knowledge of the subject. It is imperative that we set such people above those who have a wider and more evidence-based view.

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