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Sunday, March 21, 2004
More about Belle de jour

I have been overwhelmed by emails accusing me of being Belle de Jour. It makes a bit of a change from the daily message from Myfanwy Trellis, accusing me of everything from imprecision and uttering imprecations to baby-eating. But - between you and me - there could be one or two positive aspects.

If you can cast your mind back to last Thursday and Josh's entry for that day, you will recall/notice that I remarked on the literary detective work carried out by Don Foster (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Peter Foster - or was it?) in identifying the Grauniad's remarkable champion blogger, Belle de Jour. Foster had noticed that both Belle and his 'suspect'
Have a tendency to switch between single quotes for single words and double quotes for conversation;

Frequently use brackets where not strictly necessary;

Use space, hyphen, space, where other writers might use a longer dash without spaces;

Use an organisation’s name as a collective noun taking a plural verb, as in “Time Out have done [an] impressive job”;

Use italics in an unconventional and similar manner.
It occurred to me that, barring the use of double quotes for conversation, Josh's writing has similar characteristics. It's now fairly obvious that the literary detectives have realised that 'Josh' is not my only weblog and it may be that there is considerable use of conversation denoted by double quotes elsewhere in my oeuvre.

The messages I'm currently getting do not have one important characteristic, though: the offer of large sums of money to tell all. So, unless these offers improve in quality and content, I would rather not be troubled further - I think I'd rather put up with Myfanwy's continual carping.

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