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Friday, March 12, 2004
Farewell to Essendon airport

You will remember that I do my trips to Oz in my delightfully sleek Blackbird SR-71. This year was no exception: it made it's usual stir at Essendon airport, Melbourne, before Marty took the plane away to see his RAAF mates. I understand they had lots of fun in Katharine, again (sorry about that awful joke: Katharine is the nearest town to Tindal RAAF base). It is probably the last time they will see the sleek bird up there.

Jeremy Clarkson is so enamoured of the species of aircrat that he rates it the second most beautiful creation by a man (the idiot clearly hasn't been e.g. to the Brancusi Exhibition at Tate Modern). And if that man likes something, I tend to reconsider my position; he's so often wrong that, if I find myself in the same camp, it's usually time to move on.

There are other reasons, too: I showed a local blogger over the machine and he was quite dismissive.and, because he is a sage of some note, I shall be falling over backwards to impress him. Further, the immigration procedures have become so complex (I'll bet the Bruces'll be among the first to adopt biometric passports for aircraft as well as people), that I don't want to be bothered much more. Finally, there is a new air service about to open from Hamilton and Warnambool (where?) to Essendon (details here). This will place great pressure on the airport and my getting landing permission looks like being next to impossible in future. So, I take my leave of Essendon's delightful airport for the last time, unless I decide sometime to find out where Warnambool is...