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Monday, February 09, 2004
What’s the connection?

Just before I left Airstrip One, I was preparing a blog about three people in the news. It was my intention to give some misleading (but accurate) information about them and ask about the connection I had in mind. This puzzle would have been accompanied by a collection of links that would have established the relationship.

Anyway, bugger that: I’ll just get on with the story without the links and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. The three people in question are Michael Jackson, Phil Spector, and Paul Macartney. So what is the connection?

Students of scandalous behaviour by people in the public eye will quickly realise that Michael Jackson has been accused of paedophilia and that Phil Spector has been arraigned for murder. They’ll also be aware that Paul Macartney has been up to something or the other: releasing a new record perhaps or having his wife give birth to a baby while the old ’Puddlian is getting on for Methuselah’s age. Both ought to be illegal but aren’t.

Dare I suggest that it’s nothing at all to do with illegal or even questionable activities? As another irritating geriatric often says ‘Remember, the clues are there…as we go through the rigmarhole’. Josh, the entirely genuine and relevant geriatric, invites your consideration of the matter. Prizes have yet to be determined.

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