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Monday, February 09, 2004
TV revolution

Melbourne has a free newssheet which seems to follow the Australian fashion of believing that 'News' equals a combination of Sport' and 'Entertainment'. I offer you the headline from the 21 January issue: 'TV revolution'. Here’s a bit more:
A television revolution giving Australian viewers unparalleled choice, convenience and control over their viewing was launched today.

Foxtel announced it would roll out its digital pay-TV service over the next 2.5 years to offer 130 channels and a range of interactive services…[blah, blah, blah.]
This ‘Foxtel’ is a product of the greatly loved and respected former Australian Rupert Murdoch. I have yet to look into the ownership of the free newssheet but I would bet the Murdoch Empire to a kangaroo turd that it is yet another of the communications mogul’s products.

Far be it from a mere Pom to suggest ways of revolutionising TV Down Under. Could I suggest however, with due sincerity, that a blank cheque to develop any type of information/communication medium should be given to the great man to save us any further trouble with falling standards? A good example of the man’s phenomenal talent for raising standards is what happened to the UK’s The Times. Single-handed, he has turned that paper from a broadsheet Sun-type rag, as it had become under Harold Evans, into one of the leading newspapers of accurate record in the West.

And Airstrip One should take note, too. We should hand over the highly partisan, down-market BBC in its entirety to the cultured and literate Murdoch Empire. We have wallowed in the BBC’s sleazy output for far too long. Give us ‘Commercial’ media along the Australian and American lines as soon as practicable.

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