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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Magma & verandah

I have had a disputatious email from Myfanwy Trellis, taking me to task for referring to the replaced Mitsubishi Magna Verana AWD as a ‘Magma Veranda’. Ever anxious to maintain my reputation for strict accuracy, I look up the two words in Maquarie’s Australian dictionary.

‘Magma’ is defined as an intrusive piece of igneous rock, deriving from the Latin for ‘dross’. So what’s wrong with that, Myfanwy? I then look up veranda. The word’s precise etymology eludes me but it boils down to ‘A waste of space outside the house’. Again, what’s wrong? Pretty apposite I would have thought.

As it happens, I have had a replacement vehicle, again a Mitsubishi Magna, which is a lot more acceptable. For reference, the vehicle is an ES model, further down the specification chain. It has front-wheel drive and holds the road rather better. It is much more economical, too.

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