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Monday, February 09, 2004
Drug problems

There has been a lot of political discussion here about the possibility of providing secure injecting rooms for drug addicts. Believe it or not, the Prime Minister of the Liberal (i.e. Con) Party has come out against the idea. Knowing the views of his larger twin brother Michael, the leader of Airstrip One's Cons, I suppose one could have worked it out. The new leader of Australia's La Bore Party, Mark Latham, is not awfully keen on the idea, either.

I wonder how they square their positions with the de facto provision of 'Sharps' disposal facilities in the toilets of Canberra's Houses of Parliament. Could it be that one needs an injection to be in a suitable frame of mind to listen to the political discussions in the House and the Senate or does one need to go on 'a trip' afterwards?

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