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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Trinny and Susannah again

Here is a copy of the email I sent recently to an Australian TV channel:
Having watched a few episodes of ‘What not to wear’ in the UK, I am mildly amused to see them re-shown on Channel Seven. I am also pleased to see that you are going to start your own series of the programme. I wonder if this means that the delightful Trinny and Susannah will be holding forth on Australian individuals’ standards of dress. It is a topic on which any self-respecting Brit would doubtless have a great deal to say. ‘Casual doesn’t mean downright scruffy,’ springs immediately to mind.

I notice that you are asking for ‘friends’ to nominate people from their circle for the full T & S treatment. In my travels round various cities Down Under, I am hard put to remember having seen anyone I would describe as ‘well-dressed’. I therefore do not think it should be too difficult to find people whose dress sense leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed, as a sincere friend of Australia, may I take this opportunity of nominating the whole nation?
I have not, to date, received a reply. After all, what could they say?

‘Er, yes,’ seems like the only possibility.

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