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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Legal shopping

From time to time, when members of my extensive staff at Bagshot Mansion withdraw their labour, I have to do my own shopping. You will have read some of my experiences in the supermarket queue in the postings for 27 August 2002 and 11 September 2002. There are three other events that sometimes cause me, and others in the queue, great frustration: the first is when the barcode cannot be read. The second is even more irritating: when the shelf-price and the computer price do not coincide. This leads to considerable delay while a member of staff goes back to the shelf to make the check. The third ‘system failure’ occurs when the barcode cannot be found on the computer.

Legislation in Australia seems to have recognised these problems and has done a great deal to keep supermarket managements on their toes. I was delighted to read a notice in a supermarket in Melbourne the other day proclaiming, in effect
If the bar code and the shelf price are different, the customer is entitled to have the first item free and subsequent items, if any, at the lower price
Well I’ll be delightfully hornswoggled. How about adopting similar provisions on Airstrip One?

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