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Friday, January 02, 2004
In touch with the news

It seems that World news gets fairly short shrift in Australia - the news seems to be much more entertainment-oriented than I am used to. There is lots of discussion about World Idol (my tip's the Norwegian, unrated down here)* and the wedding of someone called Natalie Imbroglio. Two interesting snippets from different sources are worth comparing.

Firstly, according to a TV channel, a group of US citizens were asked whom they most admired. The top two were, apparently, Hillary Clinton (not much of a surprise there, then) and the other was the US Hebrew Gog (anag). I suppose one shouldn't be too surprised at this, either, but it's a bit worrying.

Contrast this with a survey carried out for the Leonard Cheshire foundation, a British disability charity. According to a report in 'The Border Mail', an Albury-Wodonga based daily paper, for 31 December (
Twenty percent of respondents said they would trust a tandem skydive with the daft cartoon dad [Homer Simpson], compared with 8 per cent for the U.S. President…
So who’s most in touch? Who’s got the best understanding of the World and its people?

* [This piece was composed on Wednesday, 31st December, honest.]

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