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Friday, December 19, 2003
TV down under

The standard of TV here does not compare with that on Airstrip One but it is leavened by contributions from British companies. Heaven knows, though, what the Aussies make of 'Britain's Worst Drivers' with speeds in mph (years ago, Australia went completely metric). One new programme being shown is 'What Not to Wear' with the delightful pair Trinny and Susannah.

Again, I have no idea what the Aussies'll make of this sort of thing. Previously, I have remarked on the low standard of attire in Australia. They have progressed slightly beyond loincloths (useful when it rains a lot) but they seem not to have anything but the most rudimentary understanding of the word 'smart'. This goes for both sexes. In a way, I like this relaxed approach to attire. Being on holiday and travelling a lot myself, maintaining high standards of dress is difficult but most Aussies do not have this excuse.

Trinny and Susannah are apparently going to be making over a few Aussies. At the end of one (British) programme broadcast here, there was the usual appeal for 'friends' to dish their worst-dressed acquaintances. 'Why not work on the whole nation?' I remarked. Fortunately, there were no Aussies present at the time.

I do wonder if the waspish pair will make such general observations about Australian dress-sense. I do hope so. I can just imagine some of the comments they'll make, but perhaps not at the individual level. 'Where's your pride?' or 'Casual doesn't mean downright scruffy, you know!' would be entirely justifiable.

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