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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Odd news from down under

Glenelg, the seaside suburb of Adelaide, had a scare a few days ago: a mystery illness broke out in a cinema there. Was this a terrorist attack, perhaps? Fire crews searched for the source and ambulances were called to attend to several members of the audience afflicted with technicolour yawning.

The film was obviously of great appeal to patriotic audiences: Aussie actor Russell Crowe featured in the seafaring epic 'Master & Commander'. Just the sort of event to attract terrorists, one might suppose. Several patients were whisked off to hospital for treatment. Only then was it realised that they were suffering from seasickness. Apparently, the rough-sea-sequences are only too realistic.

This reminds me that the first time I left Airstrip One by sea, several people were seasick before the boat untied. Funny thing the brain, err...

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