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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Another quiz (this time I don’t know the answer)

There I was, walking through the Safeway car park in Moonee Ponds, when I came across a remarkable sight. It wasn’t something that commanded immediate attention - like seeing the Howard twins, John & Michael, mooning at all and sundry. It was something so ordinary that, at first, I didn’t give the strange situation a second glance.

I noticed a car parked in the car park (nothing unusual about that, so far). Seated alone in the car was an elderly lady, a granny if ever I saw one (still nothing remarkable). But the car was immobilised with an enveloping steering wheel lock. No ‘normal’ person I know would fit the steering lock if a passenger remained in the car. I spent some time trying to work out a likely explanation but there were many. Here are a few I came up with:
1. The granny has a record of absconding with cars left in her charge.

2. There has been a severe outbreak of granny-napping in/from parked cars.

3. The owner had lost the key to the steering lock and had gone to get a replacement, leaving the granny to wait in the car

or, of course,

4. The owner was not a normal person.
There are many other possible explanations and I would be grateful to receive likely suggestions. To qualify, the answer must be submitted on the side of a pile of banknotes, each note to have a face value of at least GBP20 or AusD50.

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