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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Welcome George Wanlker Bush

I have just watched live pictures of Dubya alighting from his aircraft at Heathrow at around 19.40 GMT. I was a little disappointed that the couple are not treating this visit entirely seriously: neither he nor Barbara kissed the ground at the bottom of the steps - not a good start. I was, however, pleased that someone of note was there to meet him. My good friend Prince Charles did all that protocol required. Again, though, I was upset to see the shrub turn his back on royalty. Of course, one is not supposed to do that and, in the light of recent revelations, it is rather unwise. It did occur to me to try to work out the combined IQ of those two towering intellects but the clapometer didn't indicate more than a mean of ninety. There must have been something wrong with it.

I am also rather concerned at what this visit will do for crime in the capital. No, I don't mean from the misguided protesters; I mean from the professional criminals who will realise that, apart from in central London, there won't be a bobby for miles. Watch for a peak in the burglary figures this week. All in all, I wonder if this visit is really a good idea...

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