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Sunday, November 16, 2003
A warm welcome for President Bush

Isn’t it wonderful that the US Hebrew Gog (anag.) is coming to visit us? I can hardly contain my excitement, He’ll charm everybody, fall in love with our Royle (sic) family, and vanquish the doubters just the way he’s dealt with the terrorists, Saddamists, and bleeding heart social liberals that he constantly castigates with his unerring command of language. What’s the betting against his criticising Airstrip One’s appalling National Health Service? I also wonder if he’ll let us know that we can keep bogus asylum seekers out by dismantling our unjust welfare state. We have so much to learn...

Doubtless, a few people will try to disrupt his visit. However, protests by these misguided commies will only emphasise the importance of living in freedom in a liberal (Oops! Did I say liberal? - Sorry) social democracy. You can’t protest like that in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and in those other nascent members of the Axis of Evil: France and Germany, you know.

To help with his current difficulties, I commend this little piece (link here), brought to my attention by Andrew Brown. It appears that it may be from Mein Kampf and therefore very useful to Mr Bush:
We're overdue to take a lesson from the Romans and the British before us and recognize the value of punitive expeditions. Should the Iraqis fail themselves in the end, our current endeavor may prove to have been simply a very expensive - but still worthwhile - punitive expedition. Such an outcome wouldn't mean that we failed, but that the Iraqis had failed themselves.

One key lesson we should draw about expeditionary warfare in the Age of Terror is that we need not feel obliged to rebuild every government we are forced to destroy. Sometimes the wise approach will be to employ our military power to topple a regime, then to withdraw promptly and let the local population sort themselves out. We should always seek to be as humane as possible - but the key word is "possible."

Exemplary punishment may be out of fashion, but it's one of the most enduringly effective tools of statecraft. Where you cannot be loved, be feared... Don't worry about alienating the already alienated. Make an example of them. Then see how other cities respond...
Oh no, I’m sorry, it’s not by A. Schicklegruber, after all. Silly me; it’s by Ralph Peters, a columnist on the (Murdoch) New York Post. Still, useful advice for the Gog, eh?

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