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Thursday, November 06, 2003
The serial competition

These days, when biggest and strongest usually means best, one has become used to the USA having the biggest and best of everything. Airstrip One cannot compete at all. I was very interested, therefore, to read the following:
US man admits killing 48 women

A US truck painter has pleaded guilty to murdering 48 women, in what became known in the United States as the Green River killings....

The 54-year-old from Auburn, Washington, is set to have more murders on his record than any other serial killer in US history.
You can read more here. Ho hum - it seems to me that the US has boobed significantly. They're going to have to try much harder if they're going to come anywhere near matching Harold Shipman, British and proud of it, with his tally of 215 and, perhaps, many more.

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