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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
The Massachusetts ruling on homosexual marriage

[Despite the date heading, this piece was filed around 6.50 a.m. GMT on Wednesday November 19th. Ev, get your systems sorted!]
Yesterday, Massachusetts's supreme court opted to allow homosexual marriage. There will be a stay of 'execution' for 180 days, while the details are worked out.
Massachusetts is poised to become the only US state to allow gay marriage following a legal ruling yesterday which will have widespread political ramifications ahead of next year's presidential election.
Read more here. My favourite Texan has lost no time after arriving in London in condemning the decision. As far as I can tell, he sees it as an attack on 'the sacred institution of marriage'. No amount of argument of this sort should make any difference. Open-minded people see marriage as a voluntary civil union between two people who want to spend time close together. That union should have legal recognition.

We have to get used to changes in the way society works. Lord Winston has predicted that it will not be too long before men can have babies But they don't have to. Similarly, heterosexuals who want to get married won't find any new barriers; they won't be forced into homosexual unions. So, what's the problem?

Yesterday, I implied a similarity between Bush and the pope. Lots more than meets the eye, perhaps. One big difference, though: 'How many divisions has the pope?'

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