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Sunday, November 23, 2003
It's over

I have sent all my Aussie friends commiserations on their recent sad loss. The Aussies have so little experience of losing that we need to assist our antipodean cousins in dealing with their grief. If the wake goes on long enough, I shall soon be able to help them drown their sorrows, all the while trying to keep the smile from my face. Wasn't it exciting, though?

Immediate post-match impressions include the image of Martin Johnson getting the World Cup from John Howard, the one being nearly twice as tall as the other. The Aussie PM looked pretty sour. Perhaps it was nothing to do with the rugby - he'd probably just found out that the UK Tory party have chosen his namesake as leader. I wonder if they are, somehow, related - they do look like brothers. Expect to hear much more of the Howard twins: John and Michael.

I understand that the Queen sent her best wishes to both teams before the match. Not a betting woman, then. Tony Blair has since sent his congratulations to the England team and I wonder if the US Hebrew Gog (anag.) has followed suit. This was a genuine World event, Dubya. If you didn't/haven't, no wonder people think the USA is out of touch with genuine, World events. (See posting for 5 October, 2003.)

Had we tried to forecast the progress of the most exciting match imaginable, we could hardly have come up with something better; it was heart-in-mouth for both sides until the final whistle. Comparisons are made with England's win in the football World Cup in 1966 but that was 37 years ago. We don't have triumphs often, do we?

Now is just the right time to pass on a Newsnight joke:
A guy walks into a bar with a sausage-dog under his arm. The dog is wearing an England rugby jersey and is festooned with England pom-poms.

The barman says: "Hey! No pets are allowed! You'll have to leave."

The guy begs him, "Look, I'm desperate! We're both big England fans, the TV's broken at home, and this is the only place around where we can see the game."

After securing a promise that the dog will behave, the barman relents and allows them to stay in the bar and watch the game. The big game begins with the English receiving the kick-off. They march down field, get stopped at the 22, and Wilkinson kicks a drop goal.

Suddenly, the dog jumps up on the bar and begins walking up and down the bar giving high-fives to everyone. The bartender says: "Wow, that is the most amazing thing I've seen! What does the dog do if England score a try?"

The owner replies: "I don't know, I've only had him for three years."
Well, now the owner ought to know differently, oughtn’t he? And yes, Campo, Jonny may be 'all we've got' but he's better than your 'all 'isn't he?

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