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Saturday, October 04, 2003
A special day

Yesterday was one of those special days for me: my early morning self-flagellation went on well into the afternoon. It's not often I can keep it up that long, as John Major said to Edwina Currie. I was beginning to think of joining the Shia Moslems - it would be so nice to be able to indulge my masochism out of duty rather than pleasure.

It was such a good session that I almost forgot to listen to the news. I'm so pleased I didn't miss hearing the extraordinarily intelligent, perceptive, erudite, lucid, and articulate US Hebrew Gog (anag). He was commenting on the recent report from David Kay, saying that the Iraq Survey Group had found - well, almost nothing. This showed how right he (the shrub) had been to go to war.

What perception! What rhetoric! It puts me in mind of other brilliant achievements and leaps of the imagination. Remember when analysis of the Turin shroud showed it to be a Medieval artefact yet people still insisted that it had first century 'features'? That sort of faith can move mountains. Dubya and his charming administration clearly have it, too. It'll soon magic up those pesky WMDs. Then, cynics like this will have to eat their words. They say, dismissively:
...all a three-month search had uncovered was a single vial containing a possible strain of biological agent.
But just you wait...wait...wait...

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