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Monday, October 06, 2003
The Rugby Union World Cup

I saw an advertisement for the Rugby Union World Cup somewhere recently. It described the forthcoming competition as '... 2003's biggest sporting event...' Ever one to wonder whether such claims are justified, I tried to think of other big sporting events during the year.

What about the Baseball World Series? Surely, here's something bigger. I looked up the teams participating in the Rugby World Cup; twenty nations (here - click on 'The Teams') are represented (OK, eighteen if you treat England, Scotland and Wales as a trick to get more representation for the Brits). Then I looked up the teams that took part in the 2003 Baseball World Series (here - click on 'Stats'). Wow, what diversity - fancy having a team from Spalding (Lincolnshire) participating. Strange that I hadn't previously heard about our doughty entry in this most American-dominated of 'World' sports.

Then I looked a bit closer. The Spalding team was from Spalding, Kentucky, not Spalding, Lincs. More detailed examination showed that all the teams were from mainland USA. What a strange concept of 'The World' these Americans have.

Among the teams participating in the Rugby (genuine world) World Cup is one from the USA. So, that means that there are some Americans at least that understand the proper meaning of the term 'World'. And it's fairly likely that the Rugby Union World Cup is 2003's biggest sporting event, after all. Well, well, well.

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