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Friday, October 10, 2003
More about IDS

It may seem that I have been a bit rude about IDS these last few days. Let me offer you some penetrating analysis from IDS to atone:
Over the past decade the average earnings for British employees as a whole have grown by just over 45 per cent. In the same period the average earnings of lead executives of FTSE 100 companies have gone up by 288 per cent, rising more than six times as fast. Given this rapidly widening pay gap between the boardroom and the shopfloor, it is hardly surprising that the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants has recently urged that companies should be required to declare what their chief executives receive as a multiple of the pay of an average employee.
'Gosh,' you may think, 'Is the man dragging the party towards the bleeding heart wing?'

No, of course he's not. This extract comes from a different IDS: Incomes Data Services. More details here. Come to think of it though, the quiet man could make use of some of the (other) IDS statistics and start berating his natural supporters. I can just hear him exhorting 'Tax the rich'. He could do a lot worse, you know, under the circumstances.

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