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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
The eerie letter

Many people will find Diana's letter uncannily spooky (or should that be spookily uncanny?). Here's an example, worth reading for its uncritical acceptance of the missive's provenance:
The appearance, six years after her death, of a letter from Princess Diana to her butler, predicting her involvement in a serious car accident, comes as no surprise to me. Cynics may wonder at the timing of the revelation, contained as it is in Paul Burrell's soon-to-be-published memoir, A Royal Duty... But, like the editor of the Daily Mirror, I too believe every word of Burrell's account. I fully accept that the epistle is a genuine document.
With growing excitement, I await more detailed evidence from among our legions of clairvoyants that they predicted the exact circumstances of Diana's death. She was such a paranoiac devotee of the paranormal that all her 'consultants', dead or alive, must have foreseen the tragedy. They would indubitably have encouraged her to wear her seat belt.

Still, perhaps she was scrupulous about using a seat belt and 'dark forces' undid it during her final ride...

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