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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Dead bird

An urgent message from Mrs Trellis about Monday's piece on Fantasies leads me to think I was unduly obscure. The offending paragraph used the expression:
Why don't you go and poke your nose up a dead bird's bum?
Firstly, I understand that it means 'Go away' in Ozspeak. Secondly, in this context a bum is not a tramp but the ultimate, essential and final part of the alimentary canal. Thirdly, I sympathise with Mrs T. in finding it difficult to see Meg Ryan as 'a dead bird'. Bird she may be but what about the 'dead'?

Well, peeps, I caught a small part of her interview with Michael Parkinson last weekend. Parkie, normally able to strike sparks from any interviewee, seemed at his wit's end: Meg Ryan was uncomfortable, uncooperative, and unforthcoming. (There's a good writeup - on a 'for-women-by-women' site - about it here.) She might as well have been dead. Got it?

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