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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
The conference season

Here at Bagshot Mansion, we had our first serious rain for many months yesterday. It has been such a long time since my water butts were full and soon they were overflowing. When the rain stopped, I took my goldfish out of the garden pond and put them in one of the barrels so that I could give the pond a good clean. It started to rain again so I had to come indoors for a while.

Having made some caustic comments about Labore's party conference last week, I thought it only appropriate to offer you some similar, carefully thought out comments about the Conservatives' meeting in Blackpool this week. I was about to start when I was side-tracked by the following joke on 'Quote Unquote':
Q: How do you give readers of the 'Daily Mail' a nervous breakdown?

A: Tell then that asylum seekers are the natural predatory enemies of paedophiles.
When I had finished laughing, I decided to get back to something challenging. Commenting snidely on the Conservative party conference, you might think.

No; wrong! I wanted something more challenging than that: I went outside and shot the fish in the barrel.

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