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Thursday, October 16, 2003
Celebrating the Pope

While I have been paying little attention a radio programme, describing some sort of celebration relating to my esteemed friend Karol Wojtyla, has been going on in the background. Apparently, he is one of the longest-serving Popes of all time. Celebrating such a long incumbency is a dubious activity; arguably, the old boy has done more harm than good. We should be bemoaning his tenancy not praising it. You have only to look at his attitude to divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, women priests & bishops (not to mention popes) to realise that his influence has been malign.

Why doesn't someone make a programme debunking the myth of this man's 'holiness'? Why is he regarded with reverence, rather than disdain? A silly assessment came at the end of the uncritical programme to which I had paid due inattention: 'The greatest Pole ever,' was the verdict.

What ignorance! What bias! The following spring to mind: Andrej Wajda (film director), Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ignace Paderewski (pianist and Prime Minister), Frederic Chopin, and, of course, Marie Curie. All these Poles have, in their own ways, given more to humanity than the reactionary old fossil in the Vatican. They've certainly done less harm. Chopin's music is worth more than any contribution a pope could make; Marie Curie's work on Thorium, Radium and Polonium ( this latter after 'Polonia', natch), contributed more to human understanding than Karol Wojtyla ever could. Marie Curie’s two Nobel prizes (Physics and Chemistry) attest to that. Pope John Paul deserves no such honour. 'Are there any anti-Nobel prizes instead?' one wonders.

It is time to talk about John Paul II as part of an axis of evil. Indubitably, he shares his soi-disant rectitude with Osama and the other nuts so judiciously lumped together by the lucid, erudite, and holy US Hebrew Gog (anag.). OK Shrub, how about it?

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