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Saturday, September 13, 2003
The Sun is too good for one reader....

The useful Guardian 'Wrap' has the following gem that I somehow missed (5th September). A while ago, I suggested that Brendan Fearon, the man wounded by Farmer Tony Martin, appeared the very embodiment of Nick Cotton. The Sun is more forthcoming:
"Throw away the key" says the Sun. "Porridge for sickening crook Fearon" it adds - apparently angered by the revelation that Fearon is a Sun reader, shown in the paper using a copy of the paper to cover his face on the way to a court appearance yesterday.

"Fearon won't be able to hide behind the Sun any more - we have banned him from buying it. Local newsagents have been told not to take his custom," the paper reassures readers. "A spokesman at the Sun's HQ in Wapping, east London said last night 'We've got to protect our reputation'."
Quite. The Sun has a formidable reputation to uphold. For a further comment, see 'Josh' archives dated 12 April 2003 and for a link to the unironic Sun article, click here.

While dealing with the Sun's high standards, I understand that there are naughty pictures in this 'news'paper. Sun 'journalists' seem not to be aware that sex is not a spectator sport (© Josh).

I can also recommend Private Eye's assessment (after Spike Milligan) of the level of intelligence of Sun devotees. The Eye had a crossword once, 'For Sun Readers'. The clues were:
1 across: first letter of the alphabet.
1 down: the indefinite article.
No doubt Sun intellectuals would recognise that there are two forms of the indefinite article and claim the clue to be unfair.

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