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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
On trial in France

I have just heard (and I can't be certain that I'm completely accurate yet, but I'll correct things as the news firms up * ) that an Englishwoman, Margaret MacDonald, has gone on trial in Paris, charged with being a Madame.

Apparently, she has been hiring out prostitutes and gigolos. How interesting! I suspect that, were she French, she would not be in court. Far be it from me to suggest that living on immoral earnings is an occupation reserved exclusively for the French (other candidates being tax-evasion, ripping off the European Union, and spawning crap literary critics, Simone de Beauvoir excepted), but one has to wonder whether a French Madame would get the same sort of treatment.

Is there a combination of national interest and commercial jealousy at play here?

[ * Yes, I got it right. Here's the link.]

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