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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Hans Blix is getting impatient...

As the unsuccessful hunt for weapons of mass destruction continues, Hans Blix is becoming more outspoken. In an interview broadcast today, he again said the weapons inspectors could have done with more time. Bush and Blair grew impatient that he had found nothing and it is now his turn to show irritation that the coalition, working under more favourable conditions, have had no more success. You can read more here.

I liked his analogy that, if witchfinders go in search of witches, they will indeed find them. 'We were more judicious, we wanted to have the evidence,' he said.

Blix's view is that anything found now will probably only be trivial remnants of the 1991 programme. He made one very significant remark related to the dossier: he understood the need to simplify [dumb down?] the intelligence but this could result in distorting or spinning.

I hope he will return to the notion of 'simplification', this time where the facts are beyond dispute. As Blix himself has frequently confirmed, the UNSCOM weapons inspectors were withdrawn from Iraq in 1998 just before bombing began. What form of 'simplifying' is it then for anyone (Blair & Co.) to claim that the inspectors were expelled? Sounds more like a lie to me.

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