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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Troops for Liberia

The US on line satirical magazine 'The Onion' has some cod street interviews about the Liberian situation (however, you may have to monkey about with the link a bit to find the piece: 'Embattled Liberia'). For example,
If there's one thing I know about other countries, it's that they can't get enough of our troops - Raymond Blair, Systems Analyst
Is this, perhaps, a dig at the absurdity of keeping thousands of troops off the coast of Liberia? They've been there for days while the drug-fuelled slaughter has been going on in and around Monrovia.

OK, it's a satirical magazine but isn't there a better way to draw attention to the idea of keeping the troops safe while others are slaughtering each other? Thank goodness the Nigerians have moved in.

Perhaps the Gog should look more closely at how the French stabilised Cote d'Ivoire and the British Sierra Leone. Hang on - I've got it: the Shrub'll only risk the lives of US troops for exclusively US interests. No votes in Monrovia, obviously.

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