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Sunday, August 24, 2003
Those pesky WMDs

On June 3rd, the Guardian Diary columnist Marina Hyde (so sharp she doesn't need needles when sewing) wrote
Lovers of fair play, meanwhile, are advised to flag up August 20 in their diaries. On that date the allies will have had exactly the same time - 110 days - as they gave the UN weapons inspectors to find evidence of banned weapons in Iraq. The allies, of course, have been investigating in far more favourable conditions (no Saddam and half the Most Wanted Happy Families deck keen to sing), but no doubt Dr Blix would sportingly agree to waive any handicap advantage.
Well, now, did you ever? It's well past August 20th and we haven't heard anything. So what do you think, Mrs T?

My private opinion is that enormous quantities of WMDs were indeed found long ago but the coalition is keeping quiet about it. Among the several reasons I can suggest for this reticence are
1. There's such an awful lot of them that any announcement would cause panic among the people in the streets or

2. There's such an awful lot of them that the World's greatest democracy wants to take them away to find out more about them and consider using them at a later date
Naturally, I wouldn't for one moment suggest that the weapons haven't been found because they're not there...

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