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Friday, August 01, 2003
Inducing (road) rage

I seldom attempt stream of consciousness rambling. Most writers do it better (James Joyce) and a few are irritating (J. D. Salinger), but indulge me a moment if you will. There I was - I'll not tell you where - when I saw a group of children, aged about ten, playing a video game called 'Road Rage'. It seems such a good idea to teach the little mites to handle their developing aggressive impulses constructively. However, I'm not sure that the game deals with rage properly so they could obviously have been more gainfully occupied.

What's wrong with reading Proust, Lacan or Derrida, say? Or dipping into Finnegan's Wake? Then there's Aeschylus and Sophocles. As The Lady so often remarks, 'Youth is wasted on the young'.

Having mentioned the well-known androphile Sophocles reminds me that I recently came across a quote of his. He said 'Silence gives the proper grace to women' (450 B.C.). I found this gem while researching a piece for you about Garsington's interpretation of Die Schweigsame Frau (The Silemt Woman). It led me to this contribution by the science fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut (interview, 1985):
Educating a woman is like pouring honey over a fine Swiss watch. It stops working.
What was I saying about rage?

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