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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Dump the beeb, etc.

If bloggers are looking for reasons to vote Conservative, here's a very telling argument
The Conservative party would switch off a swath of the BBC's digital services, including its website and the youth channel BBC3, if it won the next general election.
Read more here.
The party's culture spokesman, John Whittingdale, told Guardian Unlimited Politics he was "not persuaded" of the case for a public service website and that he was "not convinced the BBC needs to do all the things it is doing at the present", including providing "more and more channels".
Yep, it's unfair, rubbish, loony left and a disgrace to modern capitalism.
"As a free-market Conservative, I will only support a nationalised industry if I'm persuaded that that is the only way to do it and if it were not nationalised it would not happen."
OK Mr Whittingdale, I am totally persuaded that we should give up the post-Birtian best/worst broadcasting service in the World and its websites, cheaper than the subscription alternatives, for dogmatic political reasons. I look forward to having wall-to-wall Fox/Sky and watching them improve the standard of the competition. Will we ever reach the giddy heights to be found (somewhere) amid the umpteen TV channels gilding that cultural mecca - the USA? Oh, I do hope so...

And in case you're not totally convinced, Myfanwy, try this view from that noted BBC critic, Rod (Gilligan's a good lad 'cos I appointed him) Liddle.

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