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Saturday, August 02, 2003

It being the anniversary of my first post to this blog, I thought it only appropriate (and lazy - Ed.) to re-post part of the first day's contribution.
Warchalking and Coco Chanel

There I was, with The Lady, walking the walk and talking the listen when I pointed out this chalk mark with two Cs, back-to-back. 'I can't see any Chanel', she said.

Who said women can't make jokes?

A plea from a word lover

I was pleased (I think) to see that, with Alan Duncan's emergence from the cupboard, the Conservative Party is unlikely to make a serious issue of lifestyles. Now that there are established academic courses in Queer Studies, please may the rest of us have our delightful word 'gay' back again?
Gosh, how things have deteriorated in a year... but at least His Holiness is keeping his nose in the bedroom. Is he a secret ironist, though?

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